Saturday, May 16, 2009


A normal foggy, gloomy day in San Francisco. I love this weather.


Joanne said...

Hi Eunju! I found your blog through Jason's hehe. Was that right by Blondie's Pizza? Your colors are beautiful. You made San Francisco look so pretty - I love it. =)

Ricky said...

it's beautiful, i had the pleasure of attending your workshops and i'm fan of your works and sketches!

Sluu said...

Eunju! This is Shiu Pei! I was in your MFA Character design class. I just found your blog! Aww i love your stuff, its so charming.

I hope you are doing well, us kids at school sure miss having you around! Take care. :)

moonsun said...

너네 동네 풍경인가봐?작년에 올린건데
이제야 답변단다--;;;요즘은 이런 서정적느낌의 수작업이 참 좋아보인는거 같아..육아크리로 바쁘겠지만 짬나면 최근그림도 올려줘~자주 구경올께~^^